Z’ur’ too slow. An EDH deck tec- oh.

Hey, this is the first post on my website. I’ve been putting it off for a while, but I figured I might as well start putting some stuff up. I don’t know what I really have to actually post about, so I decided to do some write ups for commander decks I play in Magic: The Gathering.

That probably won’t  be the only thing I post here however. I might write some reviews for shows I’m watching, or random rant posts about things I’m enjoying (Hey, maybe an analysis on why I’m enjoying Homestuck so much (I’m on page 3394 (Are triple brackets allowed?))). If I’m feeling shitty, you might get some bottom tier sadposting, and some other stuff too.

Anyway, enough preamble, and onto the deck tech! ….Except tappedout is offline, and I don’t have access to the list right now. At least now I have committed to writing an opener for the site, so I’ll post this anyway. On the off chance (and extraordinarilyw low chance) that articles start piling up, I’ll start scheduling them to come out on Wednesdays if some have already gone online recently. Thanks for reading!

  • Coen


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