$40 Vaevictis Asmadi, the Dire

Hey team,

Welcome to my Vaevictis deck guide. I’m gonna show off this deck list, and tell you a bit about how it plays. First of all, let’s talk about the commander:

Phat dragon eh? He has a lovely statline, decent cost, and flying to boot (as all dragons should)! However, that’s not what we’re here for. Let’s take a read of that ability:

Whenever Vaevictis Asmadi, the Dire attacks, for each player, choose target permanent that player controls. Those players sacrifice those permanents. Each player who sacrificed a permanent this way reveals the top card of their library, then puts it onto the battlefield if it’s a permanent card.

In short, you choose a permanent to get rid of for each player (Yes, and you), and then hope you get some better stuff than your opponents off the top! We’re not just hoping though, we’re gonna try and stack our deck so we get exactly what we need. Using some other cards, we can maneouvre what we draw into so we hit something good while our opponents are left in the dark.

Crystal BallDarksteel PendantGilt-Leaf Seer

Cards like the above, Druidic Satchel, and Explorer’s Scope ensures we don’t whiff on our Vaevictis triggers. Get those basics and spells out the way and get those permanents on the field! We don’t want to try and put a Doom Blade into play while our opponent hits an Emrakul haha.

Commander's SphereGolgari SignetCultivate

Our land suite is nothing more than 36 basics and a Command Tower, so we need to use a lot of rocks and ramp so we’re not screwed over by colour restrictions. In my play, I think the amount of mountains needs to be bumped up a little. Those RR costs are pretty nasty and can prohibit quite a bit.

TerastodonArchfiend of DepravityHellkite Charger

There’s a nice suite of Creatures for us to “warp” into from our commander’s triggers, and stuff like Terastodon can really blow out our opponents. Seeing him fall off the top and then blowing up their lands can do a number on some players who might be struggling for colours. Archfiend is great for making sure your enemies can’t go wide too easily, and Hellkite is great to start winning the game next turn.

Berserkers' OnslaughtDictate of the Twin Gods

Ruin some lives by getting these two out of nowhere, and outright kill your opponent for committing the crime of not predicting your damage doublers off the top.

Cuts and Upgrades

There are some very upgrades for this deck, namely Scroll Rack and Sensei’s Divining Top, that are way too out of the pricerange I was aiming for when I built it. They’ll improve your consistency with Asmadi triggers, and Rack lets you use cards in your hand as the thing that will hit the field. Another sticking point is the landbase, which I didn’t really focus on at all when making the deck. If you improve it a little, you could probably safely ditch a dork or two.

As well as that, there are a whole host of great creatures you can run as the payoff for your commander strategy. Eldrazi Titans are nearly all a great inclusion, but their cost is quite prohibitive. Take a look at the EDHRec page for some ideas. There’s all sorts that I would be running if I wasn’t restricting myself to only $40.

Final Thoughts

This deck can be very powerful, especially in 1v1 against non-control decks. You can keep a handle on every opponent at once, remove their big threats, and drop huge guys straight from the top of your deck. Don’t be afraid to sacrifice your lands to Vaevictis triggers, and remember to attack your opponent’s mana if you think it will put them in a bind! Also, I’ve included some really brutal cards such as Havoc Festival to try and make games a lot quicker, and to discourage opponents from stalling out, so take advantage of that and swing for huge swathes of life when you think it’s safe to.

Thanks for reading my first deck tech!

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