$140 Zur the Enchanter

Hey team,

Welcome to my Zur the Enchanter deck tech. Here’s the list I’m going to talk about today. But who’s that dang commander?

Oh man. Some people are probably getting flashbacks from seeing some crazy combo decks with this guy at the lead, but don’t worry, we’re gonna be making a hellish stax deck instead! What’s that ability again?

Whenever Zur the Enchanter attacks, you may search your library for an enchantment card with converted mana cost 3 or less and put it onto the battlefield. If you do, shuffle your library.

Oh, you get a free tutor every time he attacks? Sounds really fair and cool (it’s not). The general strategy for us is going to be swinging with Zur and finding some brutal enchantments to lock down the board, before going for the win with some killer voltron action.

StasisGhostly PrisonSolemnity

Here’s some cool enchantments we might grab in order to stop our opponents in our tracks. I usually go ahead and grab Ghostly Prison or Propaganda on my first swing or two, just to make sure I’m not getting hit back as I tread down the dark Zur path. Solemnity can completely mess up the plays of some of our opponents (In the distance, Atraxa cries), and Stasis is our panic button for when we need a few turns to just draw a bit and stop our opponents doing that awful winning thing.

Steel of the GodheadVanishingShielded by Faith

Here’s some cool ways to protect our commander, and make sure he doesn’t get blocked and killed when you’re swinging. Steel of the Godhead has the neat benefit of getting us some life when he connects. Shielded by Faith makes Zur indestructible, so you can boardwipe without fear. Vanishing basically reads “UU: Counter anything trying to stop us.” Note that phasing out a creature takes its auras with it, so anything on Zur is protected too. Don’t forget to keep that UU untapped!

Banishing LightAura of SilenceImprisoned in the Moon

Wanna know something cool about these removal cards? Not only can they be grabbed by Zur, but Banishing Light and Imprisoned in the Moon can actually hit hexproof or otherwise untargetable creatures. Yep. You only technically select targets when casting enchantments, not when they enter the battlefield. Since they enter without targeting anything, you simply choose what they attach to, dodging any shroud type things. Now you can get around anything in the game! Oh and do note that you can completely lock out your opponents’ commanders with IitM, and Darksteel Mutation, as they don’t go back to the command zone.

Ethereal ArmorEmpyrial ArmorPhyresis

Here’s how you can Voltron win. Grab either of those Armor cards to buff up Zur, and start swinging for huge damage. Necropotence can always keep your hand at seven (or beyond with Reliquary Tower), so Empyrial Armor can buff him to gigantic numbers. Ethereal Armor gets stronger every time he swings too. Now you have enough life to win with some cards I’ll talk about shortly, but if you feel like it you can just use Phyresis and win through infect. That’s right, not only is this stax and voltron, but infect! Your playgroup will love it!

Azor's ElocutorsFelidar SovereignLuminarch Ascension

Here’s some more win conditions you can make use of. Azor’s Elecutors will let you play into that stax win con, with cards like Winter Orb and Static Orb preventing your opponents from attacking through your Sphere of Safety and Propaganda effects, letting you just sit there and eventually win. Felidar lets you win from all the lifelinking, or just sitting at 40 from the start as your opponents can’t get through your wall. Finally, Luminarch Ascenscion lets you just go nuts with angels if left unchecked.

Static OrbWinter OrbArcane Laboratory

Orbs! Orbs! Orbs! I love these things. Completely awful to play against, but it is a lot of fun to hold up the mana for a counterspell, only untapping Zur each turn along with a land. Now your opponents can only play one spell a turn, which you can counter, and can’t even afford to swing through your Sphere of Safety with their creatures if they eventually untap them. Arcane Laboratory is a great piece for this strategy, as you know they won’t try and trick you by playing through the counter. One spell only baby!

Cuts and Upgrades

There’s a couple of cards you could include for this deck. If I was going to cut something, it would be a couple of the counterspells, or maybe some of the more niche enchantments like Authority of the Consuls. Maybe you don’t like the creatures after a couple of plays, so they could go too.

For enchantments, I’d definitely look at getting Grasp of Fate for that premium removal. It hits all three opponents, and can be grabbed by Zur. Copy Enchantment and Estrid’s Invocation are also great includes, with the latter being a lot more flexible. I’d also look at getting Curator’s Ward, as it lets you give Zur Hexproof, so you don’t always have to worry about paying for Vanishing. Detention Sphere lets you nuke a tokens player if they have a lot of stuff with the same name. Rhystic Study is a nice early drop to keep your hand size up. Phyrexian Arena I wouldn’t bother with, as Necropotence just does it better in my opinion.

Instants and sorceries! I already run a lot of boardwipes in here, but a Supreme Verdict wouldn’t go unmissed. You’re also in the colours for tutors, so I’d pick up Demonic, Enlightened, and Mystical if you want the consistency. Snapcaster might be nice to recur some stuff you’ve already used too. Consider adding Sovereigns of Lost Alara to double up on Zur searches too.  Force of Will is also a brutal counterspell that can hit from nowhere, and plays well under your orbs. Pact doesn’t quite, but it could be nice. Teferi’s Protection is also very nice to keep your stuff safe (and your face).

While writing this I had the cool idea of getting something that gives Zur vigilance, because you can play stasis and keep going with him, so maybe look into that.

Final Thoughts

This is probably going to be the most brutal stax deck in your playgroup. It’s fairly easy to lock down a table even by turn four/five, and then start winning fairly soon after with a voltron strategy. If it doesn’t work out, then hunker down baby it’s Elocutor time! In all seriousness, there’s all sorts of win cons you can go for in this deck. You can start yourself off, hit your opponents with an Armageddon, and calmly cruise your way there. You’ll be playing arch enemy after your opponents figure out how good this deck is, so get used to being slow and safe with your plays, and make sure you have contingencies in case your first plan doesn’t work out. Because of Zur’s ability, you can literally win any game if you’re playing optimally, unless there are some outstanding circumstances.

Thanks for reading! See you next week.

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